Brain Korea 21 Plus

Participating Professors

Associate Kang Yoonhee
As a language anthropologist, Prof. Kang Yoonhee focuses on the relationship between language and cognitive systems, linguistic textualization and contextualization of knowledge, language ideology, sociolinguistics, and multilingualism. She conducted research on Indonesian magical-ritual language, and on the multilingual situation of Korean pre-college students and overseas dispatched workers.
Office Tel. / E-mail
02-880-6231 / yhkang@snu.ac.kr
Education & Career
2013 - present Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Seoul National University
2011 - 2013 Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Seoul National University
2007 - 2011 Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore
2002 - 2007 Research Associate, Center for Folklore and Ethnography, University of Pennsylvania
2002 Ph.D. (Anthropology) Yale University
1998 MA (Anthropology) Yale University
1993 MA (Anthropology) Seoul National University
1991 BA (Anthropology) Seoul National University
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  • 2014 언어자원과 언어능력의 재구성: 싱가포르 한국조기유학생들과 동반가족의 사례, 비교문화연구20(1): 87-18
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